Why should I use a stroller liner?


Besides adding a new style to your stroller and making your daily walks more colorful and fashionable, there are many practical reasons for using a stroller liner.

More comfort for your baby

Sitting directly on the synthetic stroller seat is very uncomfortable and sweaty in the heat. Our stroller liners are made from cool cotton fabric which feels more soft to the skin than any fabric made of synthetic fibres. The filling is nice and soft for baby to lay or sit on it.

Keeps baby cool in the heat

In hot and humid climates, babies can sweat a lot in their prams or car seats. The synthetic fibre of stroller seats does not effectively transport heat (some event get heat rashes from laying in the stroller for longer times). The cotton outer material of our liners transports the heat and sweat away from the body and dries quickly.

Improved fit in your stroller

Our stroller liners have openings sewn in for threading the stroller straps, therefore the fit is much better compared to blankets or musselin cloths used by parents to put under the baby. The stroller straps can still be closed as normal, so your pram or car seat is safe for the baby. We have custom stroller liners available for many brands of strollers that come with additional elastic straps or other features to secure it to the pram, or you can choose a universal fit liner which has a thick and stable padding so that it does not slip in the stroller.

Protects your stroller

A good stroller can be used for two kids or more, but it will not look that great afterwards… toilet training accidents, spills from the bottle, snack crumbles leave their marks. Stroller liners protect your stroller, which is especially important if you plan to resell it (there is a good market for gently used strollers!).

Removable and washable

Most stroller seats are not machine washable, plus they are complicated to unfasten and you cannot use the stroller while it’s in the laundry. Our liners and covers are machine washable on low temperature – just take it out and toss it in the laundry.

Useful accessories

We also carry a range of useful and stylish accessories. Shoulder strap covers complete your look and make the straps more soft and comfortable, bumper covers protect your bumper from dirt (and biting marks!). Handlebar covers protect the foam padding of the handlebars or cover it if it’s already worn out and make pushing the pram much more comfortable.

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