Fun at the NMSG Friday Family Fayre!

Today, we participated in our first-ever fair organized by the New Mothers Support Group of Singapore! And we totally had a blast. I brought the little one along and she was so well entertained by all the great activities set up by the NMSG team. Our table was visited by a lot of interested mummies and we had a great time presenting our cotton stroller liners and other baby and kids accessories! We will participate in fairs and pop-up events more regularly now so keep your eyes opened! Have a great weekend ahead!


Our table sporting our universal size stroller seat liners, car seat liners, light cotton bandana bibs, cotton baby clothes and accessories!


Our carrier strap pads. Colorful little taggies to play with or hang small toys! To be added to the store soon.

P1040870 P1040872

Our postcard flyers, hot off the press, Yay! P1040873

Lots of interest in our custom options!P1040875And many, many little cuties!

Personalized birthday shirts for kids – perfect gift!

Picking a good birthday gift can be a real challenge nowadays! As often as our kids are invited to birthday partys, we have to find something for their friends that they don’t have yet, that is appropriate for their age, approved by their parents and so on… quite a number of considerations to make!

IMG_20151025_104129IMG-20151004-WA0004Sure, there are many choices in Toys’R’Us and other huge department stores, but then wouldn’t it be so much nicer to have something personal for them as well? A couple of months ago, I started to add on a personalized shirt for the proud birthday child to my actual present and these were well received! They were far more cherished than the actual gift! Kids as little as two or three years old are so proud of their age and it is a great keepsake for parents as well (yes, they did fit into that shirt!).

So if you’re finding yourself on the hunt for an individual birthday gift, check out our birthday shirts now in our Etsy store. We are happy to work on a unique shirt for your little one or their friends!P1040826If you are from Singapore, we can use a shirt provided by you (simple cotton jersey without prints or applications) or you may choose one out of our stock (12-18 months, 18-24 months, 24-36 months). Pick your color and pattern family (boy, girl or unisex), let us know the name and age to put on the shirt and you’ll receive it within 7 business days!

_MG_5113 IMG-20151004-WA0003


Custom cotton liner made for the Bugaboo Bee 3 stroller!

Hope you had a great weekend despite the hazy conditions in Singapore! We tried to work around it as much as possible, luckily my daughter is not affected by it too much and so she still enjoys a dip in the pool or a trip to the playground (Jacob Ballas in Botanical Gardens is her favourite!).

IMG_20151024_220154Just wanted to show you this beautiful stroller liner made specifically for the Bugaboo Bee 3! This liner is 100% cotton inside and outside, which is a custom option that you can choose instead of the poly filling. Our standard liners have a quick-drying and very sturdy poly filling. Double cotton filling is a special option available for kids with sensitive skin. It is a little softer and therefore, the liner needs additional stability, in this case we added elastic loops to attach it to the pram seat.

As usual, the outer fabric is 100% cotton as well, this liner sports our very much loved japanese quirky cats on bright green ground.



Cotton Car Seat Liners – universal fit for Maxi Cosi and similar

My daughter’s car seat was always wet especially in the neck and back area after we took her out. As I could imagine, it was not very comfortable for her to lay directly on the synthetic cover that came with the seat. When I washed it, it took a long time to dry, which meant that meanwhile I could not use the car seat!

_MG_5206 (Large)So I researched for liners, but only found some that cover the car seat completely and make it look rather bulky, or that were synthetic and with blankets – not suitable for the Singapore climate at all!

_MG_5208 (Large)So eventually we had to come up with a brand new design for car seat liners! The inlays are 100% made from cotton with a thin cotton padding to keep the little ones cool in the seat and absorb the sweat. Very easy to take out and wash and you can still use the car seat meanwhile. It also does not change the look of the car seat too much such as the full covers.

_MG_5213 (Large)Our car seat liners come with strap covers, just as the original covers – for a more complete look of your car seat.

Find them in the store here: Cotton Infant Car Seat Liners.

Shop our stroller liners at the NMSG’s Friday Family Fayre!

We’re excited to announce that we will be part of the New Mother’s Support Group Friday Family Fayre at The Pantry Loewen Gardens on Nov 6 from 9am-1pm! The event is open for all – come and shop our universal fit stroller liners there, have your stroller measured and choose among our cotton fabrics for your dream stroller liner – or just stop by for a chat!

NMSG poster

Sunday Kids Shirts & Harem Pants (0-12 months)

Have you already checked out our cute and comfy collection of handmade baby clothes? The harem pants are made from stretchy cotton fabric and can therefore keep up with the impressive growth of kids in their first year. They provide enough room for all the kicking, crawling and scooting. (These pants were one of the most-used items my daughter had in her closet during the first year!). We also have unique matching shirts in stock.



All items are available in our Etsy shop.


Sunday Kids – a new label is born

Today, it’s our great pleasure to announce that our Etsy Shop is now open and will be populated during the next couple of days with more and more items, notably with our very comfy and cool Stroller Liners!

These are our liners for the bigger strollers such as Bugaboo…


…these are for the foldable strollers like Maclaren with a slightly thinner padding and elastic straps to keep them in place! All made from cool Japanese cotton.


… And some outtakes from our spontaneous photoshoot today. So difficult to bring two kids to smile at the same time (we didn’t manage it!).